A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fortitude is a third-person platform/runner/shoot ‘em up hybrid.

This is a very early alpha build, designed more as a proof of concept than a full experience, there's no story content to speak of. We are a small team of first-time developers and any feedback/constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

In a world between life and death, there is a mystical island that the souls of the deceased must navigate to pass on to the great unknown.

The nexus of this place is a great tree, atop a mountain and protected by a powerful and ancient spirit.

All souls have an animal companion, a guardian spirit that is a manifestation of their spiritual essence. Both aspects must be at peace before a soul can pass through the tree. 

One day, the great tree is attacked by a creature born of negative emotions, the souls gathered round the tree are captured, and their guardian spirits flee to the four corners of the island.

In this time of crisis, a hero comes forth. Aided by her own guardian spirit she sets out to banish the evil now corrupting the island. She must find and calm the wayward spirits, borrowing their power to conquer the challenges before her.


forwin.zip 72 MB
formac.zip 73 MB

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